Prospective New Members


Thank you for your interest in 4H Horse Specialty Club.  While most of the information is throughout our website we will try to have the most important things here for new members.  All youth 8-18 are welcome in Horse Specialty Club also know as HSC.

Meetings-  We meet at 7:00pm the second Wednesday of the month in the auditorium at the Marion County Agriculture Extension Office.  August through May.  (We do meet some over the summer for youth riding in the State and Regional competitions.  These are shows which youth  had to qualify for earlier.  Our elected officers also meet a few times over the summer.)

Membership-  4H has a membership fee which is paid when you sign up.  HSC doesn't have any membership fees.  Our youth earn their membership through participation in club functions.  Attending meetings, working our concession etc.  It is a lot of work.  It also has reward.  In addition to growing and developing we see a lot of young people grow and become young adults. 



Youth- Our youth have requirements to work a set number of hours during the 4H year.  This lets youth learn to work together with other youth from different backgrounds.  Our youth do this while operating a club concession.  While working the club concession youth learn to work with customers, how to count change, add up a order and communicate with others.  100% the proceeds from the concession are donations to the club.  Since HSC is self-sustaining our youth are earning moneys to operate our horse shows.  In addition to working to operate our club we do work in the community as well.

Parents- Our club parents are asked to do a lot.  Mostly our parents are asked to support their youth and encourage their youth to work with the other youth of the club to grow. 

Our school system also requires youth have volunteer hours and they can earn many of the required hours here in our club.  All our events have a sign in and sign out book to track our youths hours.

Welcome Packet-Click here